3 Ways To Make Money With Clickbank

3 Ways To Make Money With Clickbank

There is only one thing you need to do in order to make money with clickbank. You must get people to visit the website that you’re getting a commission for. There are a few different ways you can do this. Below, I will list the three most effective ways to generate visitors to your Clickbank affiliate website, so you can make more money with clickbank.


First of all, Clickbank is the most reliable affiliate network on the internet by always paying their affiliates on time every two weeks. Clickbank also pays you the highest commissions out of any affiliate network online, up to 75 percent. And it’s free to become a Clickbank Affiliate and promote their products.  Clickbank only deals with digital-downloadable products/information. Giving you and me (the affiliates) a very generous commission because the markup on digital downloadable products is huge.


Hopefully you already have a Clickbank affiliate id.  If you don’t, make one at Clickbank.com it’s free and easy. Then create a hoplink for the product you want to promote, at the Clickbank marketplace. Choose a product with a gravity rating of atleast 30. This means that people are already making money by promoting that product. So if the product already converts visitors into buyers, that’s what you want to promote. Now lets look at the top three strategies to getting visitors to your affiliate website.


Strategy 1:  Create a blog to post your affiliate link on.

Believe it or not blogging is a very effective and free way to get people to visit your affiliate website.  You can create a blog at blogger.com if you don’t already have one.  Example: If the Clickbank product you’re promoting is a book about dog training then create a blog about dog training.  Write in your blog how a certain type of dog training works better than others and why, then paste your affiliate hoplink at the bottom of your blog. And list a couple of benefits the person will get by clicking on your hoplink. And most of the time, people will click where you tell them to. Then ping your blog at pingomatic.com so that all the search engines pick it up.  Search engines like to index blogs because of their regularly updated content.


Strategy 2:  Write articles to promote your affiliate product.

Article marketing is the most effective and affordable way to get targeted traffic to your affiliate website. Considering it works and it’s free. Using dog training as an example still, write a couple of articles about dog training. Then paste your affiliate link in the resource box at the bottom of the article and tell your readers to visit that link to help with their dog training. One article can send thousands of people to your website or your affiliate website for years.  And it’s free.


Strategy 3:  Using PPC search engines. 

Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.  PPC stands for pay-per-click search engines.  This means that google and yahoo will put you on the front page in position 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever position you want to be in and they will charge you 10 cents per click for people that click on your website.  Usually if you rack up 10 dollars in clicks you’ll have one or two sales. Which will give you like 25-50 dollars.  So you invest a little and get more back.  If you do a search for ‘adwords tutorial’ you can find all of the information you need on pay per click.  Don’t be scared of PPC because it costs a little bit of money.  It does put you on the front page of search listings and it does make sales.  I’ve invested a hundred and fifty dollars in PPC and made thousands in return.


To make big money with clickbank use all 3 strategies.  And don’t be scared to invest a small amount of money in yourself.  In every business you have to invest something. Luckily to make money online you don’t have to invest any money, but the investments you can make are all less than 100 dollars. If you don’t invest any money then it will just take a little bit longer to see a profit that’s all.


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For More Information On This Subject Visit http://www.clickbankconversions.com/ The Clickbank Cowboy is an online marketer named Sherrad Lahd. Visit his site above for more tips.

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